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This could mean picket lines and picket signs — or bridging divides virtually, since tech-savvy Aquarius brings people together through social media and digital avenues, too. Whatever your medium or method, tap into the power of many this January. Back up your data and devices, though: Communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde backward from January February 11, which can wreak havoc on technology, travel, and interpersonal affairs.

The weather is getting colder and the year is drawing to a close. On Tuesday, November 12, the full Frost Moon will rise in the sky. As you may already kno. In astrology, Venus rules love, beauty, and prosperity, while Sagittar. These intricately decorated creations are a well-known part of celebrati. That day, the sun zips into Taurus, igniting your month-long celebration. In this year of life, you might even buy property or start getting a very adult investment plan in place.

Enterprising Bulls could set up a Kickstarter or radar in on an angel funder to put dollars behind their dreams. Festival season is underway, and in April, no one will embrace that more eagerly than you, Gemini.

Chinese Calendar FAQ about January 28, 1953:

Losing yourself in a crowd, converting strangers into friends, and just going with the flow? Yes, yes, and yes. Collaborating with new people could take your career to new heights before the month is half-through. And yes, there will be romance — and a shot at fame, too. On April 4, a total lunar eclipse in Libra ricochets through your passionate fifth house. Just own it! Romantically, you could discover a secret crush or be bowled over by the intensity of your own feelings.

Commitment-shy as you may be, you may have been keeping a love interest hidden for fear of scaring off other options. Try loving this person — yes, publically — with your whole heart. On the 20th, the sun decamps to your soulful 12th house for a month. Lose yourself in music, try out a meditation practice, and begin decluttering in preparation for your new year, which will begin on May 22 when the sun heads into Gemini.

Get your Empire on this April, Cancer. With the sun heating up your ambitious 10th house until the 20th, you are destined for a hit.

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Whip out that capture tool and make a list of your top 10 goals for the spring season. Then, whittle it down to just one okay, maybe two big dreams you want to pull off. Prioritizing is a must, but so is working with the right people. Radar in on the movers and shakers — even if you have to play celebrity apprentice or intern to get a good one in the door.

This solar-powered month is bringing out the Alpha in you, and the new moon in Aries on the 18th could bring your official coronation as the Queen Bee. When Jupiter course-corrects from a four-month retrograde on the eighth, money starts flowing in again. On the fourth, a lunar eclipse in Libra lights up your home and family zone.

But, you might also be inspired to put down honest-to-god roots, even investing in your starter apartment. Teamwork makes the dream work after the 20th, when the sun cruises into your collabo-loving 11th house for a month. Choose your allies wisely. Ready to restore your roar, oh royally fierce one? On April 8, lucky Jupiter rouses from a four-month nap and powers forward in Leo until August Talk about coming out of hibernation like a boss!

Those deferred dreams kick back into high gear. Pick up the reins on a stalled solo project or ambitious career quest.

If your work is ready for the production and development phase, shop it around to people who can help you bring it to life. Your independent spirit is also on fire!

Your Horoscope For This Week — Apr 26

The sun and Mars team up in your career house starting on the 20th, bringing you even more focus and determination. Building a business or blazing a trail to the corner office will be your end-of-month obsession. However, all work and no play will never do for your fun-loving sign. Book travel before the 20th, while your jet-setting ninth house is lit up. From festivals to yoga retreats to epic beach vacations, a change of scenery would do you good! Is it gonna be forever?

Your willingness to walk away may be the wakeup call a certain unappreciative person needs. Already sharing your bed with a keeper? With the right level of security, April will be undeniably sexy.

The Rhythm of Self-Care with Ceres in the Birth Chart

Close the partition and, uh, share your appreciation. Single Virgos could meet that sizzling soulmate near the new moon on the 18th. Your money mojo gets a boost from the lunar eclipse on April 4. Or, raise your rates! Your mood has been semi-melancholy ever since Jupiter slipped into your 12th house last July Those laid-back vibes will be easier to embrace once Jupiter ends its retrograde on the 8th.

Your March Horoscope, Revealed

You could get serious about a yoga or meditation practice, sign up for guitar lessons, or apply to surf camp for a summer adventure. Traveling will certainly be on the agenda after the 20th, when the sun heads into Taurus and your jet-setting ninth house. Passport, please!

Seismic shifts are ahead this April, Libra! On the fourth, a total lunar eclipse in your sign shifts the tectonic plates of your universe and helps you manifest your dreams. Your life could evolve at such a rapid pace this month that you could have a momentary identity crisis. But, clinging to the past is futile.

This change has been in the works since last April 23, the date of the first of three lunar eclipses to land in your sign the final one will be on March 23, Follow the path of least resistance, even if it requires you to change a comfortable aspect of your life. With the sun and lusty Mars moving through your relationship zones, you'll be a people magnet. Looking for the Jay to your Bey? The new moon on the 18th could deliver a promising prospect.

After the 20th, explore ways to make your money work for you — like investing in property, developing a product that pays royalties, or learning how to play the market like a Wall Street wolf.

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On April 4, a lunar eclipse in your 12th house of transitions helps you spring-clean the stale and outmoded situations from your life. With your love of an extreme makeover or extreme anything, for that matter , you might just turn this into an excuse for a fresh start — or a reason to simplify. With the sun in your orderly sixth house until April 20, embrace the minimalism movement. Getting rid of excess allows the true gems to shine. Work your core with Pilates.

With warrior Aries ruling the skies, try something a bit more aggressive like a boxing circuit workout. Jupiter U-turns in a proactive direction on the eighth, and your career kicks into high gear. Ready your resume! The new moon on the 18th could bring a job offer or a promotion. You may even travel for work. Cupid reenters the picture on the 20th, as the sun joins lusty Mars in your relationship sector. Hello, glamazon!

With the sun in Aries and your opulent, passionate fifth house, all the world is your stage. Put your talents on display, because you could draw some impressive eyes your way. Cupid is slinging arrows, too, and the new moon on the 18th could bring a scorching-hot prospect who wants to woo you.