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These are the quiet, strong and silent types that we all gravitate to in an emergency, for they keep their head and their cool where most of us would lose ours. The Ox is also patient and once they make up their mind that is it, they stick to it, sometimes to the point of becoming stubborn and so entrenched in an idea or a stance that they stop looking at things objectivity. An Ox quite literally has the strength, endurance and the work ethic of an ox.

Because of their strong work ethic Ox are often better to working alone, where they can set their own standards and plough on.

A horoscope of the Astrological sign is Scorpio, Bull born in a year

The Ox is family orientated and a staunch and loyal friend, once they let you into their inner circle that is. An Ox has the power to move mountains if they have to, but usually it will be because of security or to achieve what they need, not for the fame and glory. Oxen are deliberate, plain people who, as a rule, stodge their way to success come hell or high water.

Scorpios are tricky and fanatical, mistrustful and magnetic.

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They veer all over the place in order to attain goals that the lumbering Ox heads for, horns lowered, steady as you plod. Put these two signs together and you get a kind of zippy Kremlin or a slightly kooky Sherman tank. Never in a hurry—oh no. They are simply ruthlessly and sadistically determined to get where they are going, which is usually to the top of the profession where there are the highest salaries and the most glory, seniority and prestige.

The love lives of these heavy hitters are passionate and fiery.

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But they do not always supply the passion or the fire. People simply fall hopelessly in love with them and once they get them into bed, can never again extinguish the flames of desire. Get your own personal chapter from Suzanne White's page New Astrology book. Find out who you are in love, sex, family and career.

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Note: Your most compatible New Astrology sign's chapter is available too! But they are also always right, always on top and always slightly cuckoo. But cuckoo, nonetheless. The Scorpio born Ox can be a right rascal and a bit of a tramp to boot. He will be sure to have limelight installed in all the rooms of his ponderous great mansion.

The family life of this hefty creature will depend on whomever he has the intelligence to hitch up with. The busy life inherent in this sign often demands mobility. But his eloquence will also attract him or her to all aspects of performance. This person is an acting genius born.

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He can also lead crowds to giant deeds and even to revolution. Besides, he prefers laughter to aggression. Careers that might suit this person are: performer, entertainer, actor or actress, political leader, teacher, writer, film director, theatrical director, communications expert, comic.

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