Aquarius 14 march 2020 horoscope

Sun conjunct Pluto. Sun conjunct Saturn. Sun conjunct Neptune.

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Sun conjunct Chiron. Sun conjunct Ceres. Sun conjunct Pallas.

2020 Horoscope

Sun conjunct Juno. Sun conjunct Vesta. Sun conjunct Lilith. Sun conjunct Uranus. Sun conjunct Venus. Sun conjunct North Node. Mars enters Sagittarius. Venus enters Pisces. Mercury enters Aquarius. Sun enters Aquarius. Lilith enters Aries. Mercury enters Pisces. Venus enters Aries. Mars enters Capricorn.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Sun enters Pisces. Venus enters Taurus. Sun enters Aries Spring Equinox. Saturn enters Aquarius. Mars enters Aquarius. Venus enters Gemini. Mercury enters Aries.

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Sun enters Taurus. Mercury enters Taurus. Mercury enters Gemini. From 2 nd July Saturn moving in retrograde mode again enters earth sign Capricorn. From 29 th September Saturn becomes direct in Capricorn.

Aquarius January Horoscope 2020 - Let go and release what no longer serves you...

From 18 th December Saturn again enters fix nature last of air sign Aquarius. Venus enters a dual nature air sign Gemini from 4 th April.

2020 Reports

Venus becomes retrograde in Gemini from 13 th May. Venus becomes direct in motion from 25 th June. Venus enters water sign Cancer from 8 th August. Jupiter is in Earth sign Capricorn.

Aquarius Horoscope for Family, Marriage and Relation Life Predictions

Jupiter becomes retrograde from 15 th May. Jupiter becomes direct from 13 th September. Jupiter enters a fix nature last of air sign Aquarius from 20 th December. Mars enters own sign Aries from 29 th June. Mars becomes retrograde from 10 th September. Mars becomes direct from 14 th November. Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Login Or Register.

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