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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content The Four Elements in Astrology. Understanding the Four Elements: Fire, earth, air, and water As recently as a few hundred years ago, Western scientists considered the whole earth to be made of just four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Fire signs can also be insecure, egocentric and impractical. Someone with 5 or more planets in fire appears deceptively quiet and shy until she feels safe enough to open up. Someone with planets in earth signs is resourceful and possesses talent in dealing with reality and material things— such as money, business, or crafts. Bill Gates, for example. Although they do tend to be impractical and out of touch with their bodies.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility - and Zodiac Elements

A chart with planets in air signs represents a very intelligent person with many ideas to share. He may lack grounding and try to do too many things at once.

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Using the seasonal qualities accounts for the differences in expression between signs of the same element. All the fire signs are by their nature hot and dry. However, the addition of the elemental qualities of the seasons results in differences between the fire signs. In the Southern Hemisphere the seasonal cycle is reversed. These associations are not given any great importance in modern astrology, although they are prominent in modern Western ceremonial magic , reconstructionist neopagan systems such as neodruidism , and Wicca.

Indian astrology shares the same system as Western astrology of linking zodiac signs to elements. In addition, in Vedic thought each of the five planets are linked to an element with ether as the fifth. It was said in the Veda that everything emanated from the one basic vibration of "Om" or " Aum. In many traditional Chinese theory field, matters and its developmental movement stage can be classified into the Wu Xing. Note that the Wu Xing are chiefly an ancient mnemonic device for systems with 5 stages, rather than the notion of different kinds of material.

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Main article: Triplicity. Nonetheless, the standards are strict. So go ahead and request instruction and clarification when you need it. Virgo will respect you for asking. Similarly, feel free to ask for feedback. But understand that after you receive advice, you must make a sincere effort at following it. Otherwise, Virgo may perceive your request as a waste of time. Lawrence, Agatha Christie Moon in Libra. Somebody has to uphold tradition. Somebody has to follow the rules.

For that matter, somebody has to write them. With somber Saturn, the planet of structure, as your ruler, it may as well be you. The glyph of Capricorn see Figure represents either the mountain goat with its curling horns or the mythical creature who is a goat above and a fish below. You come into your own in adulthood, and you age beautifully. Patient, industrious, and thrifty, you bravely weather any difficulties you encounter along the way. Society depends on Capricorn because you have the ability to step outside of yourself, to consider the needs of others, and to develop realistic strategies for fulfilling those needs.

Though you may panic internally during times of stress, externally you stay calm. Unlike other signs I can name Sagittarius, say, or Pisces , you know how to apply self-discipline — and, unlike Virgo, you can do so without making a fetish of it. Your control is obvious in every cell of your body. As an earth sign, you see what needs to be done and you act expeditiously.

And though you often have trouble loosening up, you have that earth-sign sensuality to indulge in. You respond to timeless art, true love, and the pleasures of the kitchen, the bedroom, and the boardroom — up to and including a nice fat investment portfolio. Say what you will, money does provide security. A natural-born conservative, no matter what your politics may be, you have a plan and a budget for everything.

Status-conscious and money-minded, you can be fearful, repressed, and pessimistic. So you suffer in silence and are prone to denial.

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It may be better not to know. Begin by acknowledging that Capricorn has a strong sense of privacy, propriety, and emotional reserve. You admire them for their accomplishments and sympathize with them for their troubles. You would rather help by doing something practical. In love, too, you go out of your way to avoid pyrotechnics. Your ideal partner is accomplished, well put-together, and worthy in the eyes of the world.

Love Compatibility with Astrology Elements

Playing traditional gender roles is. If there is a problem, it may be simply that you take everything very seriously. A pillow fight on a weeknight? No way! You need 7. An afternoon tryst with your beloved?

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  5. Can you say workaholic? Capricorn is the most ambitious, industrious sign of the zodiac. You accept responsibility without complaint. You know how to operate within an organization, large or small, and when a structure is lacking, you know how to create one.

    Naturally you crave recognition. You understand the stuff. Occasionally, you even become obsessed with it because money is a sign of accomplishment. Consider, for example, this remark from the eccentric, obsessive-compulsive tycoon Howard Hughes. So, yes, some Capricorns are covetous and materialistic. Most are not. And many of you have a little-recognized ability to put the good of others ahead of your selfish desires.