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Capricorns are practical and serious whereas Aries is spontaneous and fun-loving.

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Out of all the signs, an Aries is most like the child and Capricorn is a lot like a father. Plus Capricorns have difficulty expressing their emotions, but the Aries usually say what's on their mind. James is an Aries and Lily is an Aquarius. A fire sign and an Air sign are great matches. Well, maybe not if they're opposites. An Aquarius and Aries would get along really well since both are very independent.

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They can respect each other's need for independence. Aquarians are the thinkers and the ones who come up with ideas. Paired up with an Aries, these ideas can be set in motion. The two signs complement each other very well. I can tell you that Cedric Diggory, who had to have a birthday between September 1st and October 31st, had to be Virgo, Libra or Scorpio. While I don't tend to see Scorpio as a "negative" sign, unlike common views it's far more complicated , I don't think it suits him at all.

Libra is the one sign covered by the whole period, so it has the largest number of possible dates, and it's also noted for its fairness, its ability to see more than one side, its justness and I think it a pretty good bet that Cedric was a Libra. I think it a pretty good bet that Cedric was a Libra I agree. I always thought he would be a Libra. Libras weigh pros and cons that's why they're the scales, after all and make fair decisions. Aren't Hufflepuffs known for being really fair? Also, Libras are supposed to be really good looking.

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  6. Libra Rising or Venus making a favorable aspect to the ascendant first house cusp will often produce someone with regular, pleasing features for their ethnicity. But that's probably a little more specific than Jo gets into -- ha. I like the fact that Snape is a Capricorn. I personally don't know any Capricorns, but they are supposed to be really unusual, aren't they?

    And, as far as I know, the smallest group of all the signs. I also love it that Harry is a Leo, as I am one, too, plus my ascendent is also Leo it's a tragedy. He does strike me as a typical Leo, even with the moodiness and privacy.

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    I just attribute them to his special circumstances and adolescence: D And, of course Hermione is an exemplery Virgo! Well Ron calls Draco two-faced so I guess Gemini really does work for him. I have a feeling that JK Rowling loves reading Horoscopes. If only he lived in the Lion City OK enough about that. Well, Harry is the traditional Leo, but he's not really the show-offy type. He's more hot-headed, fiery, stubborn, loyal, loving, brave, courageous so on and so forth type.

    You guys should read the Mugglenet article about Star signs. Yeah the HermyRonnie article explains their love too. I'm not a HGRW shipper, but it is quite cute.

    What do you know about CANCER ( my sign ) men?

    He has their loyalty, stubborn streak, courage, generous nature, and leadership qualities. However, he doesn't have some of the other qualities associated with a Leo. He doesn't like being the center of attention because he usually gets bad attention. Harry also isn't very vain. I don't see him looking in the mirror a lot! And I really can't imagine Harry wanting to be pampered like a typical Leo. I noticed that Percy is considered a Leo.

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    But is he, really? Isn't Percy on the cusp? I always thought he was a Virgo, and he definitely has a lot of the Virgo qualities. Actually, that's a Libra Rising Libra on the ascendant rather than a Libra sunsign. Wow, I completely forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me! It's possible that JKR doesn't think too deep about her character's charts.

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    But on Leaky, I saw an essay where the writer analyzed Voldemort's chart, and it was really interesting - and very accurate. The symbol for Gemini is the twins, which stand for the duality and changeability of this sign. They're intelligent, with a quick mind so they learn fast. Words trip off a Gemini's tongue, in a quicksilver flow that makes them good at languages, marketing and anything that calls for the gift of the gab.

    They're also witty and have a sense of mischief. They carry nervous energy and restlessness that give a reputation for being unreliable. I was just curious as to where this info. I got these birthdays off the Harry Potter Lexicon http: There's a site all about the star signs and each house at Hogwarts.

    As a James Potter fan, I read up the description of an Airies in Gryffindor and it suited him incredibly well I read the description of Airies for the other houses and it didn't suit him nearly as much. The Gryffindor Aries is extremely idealistic, and has a tendency to fight hard for many causes - the more lost, the better. Gryffindors born under this sign will also have very short fuses, and can be expected to fight regularly with other students, over ethical questions or over anything else that makes a good excuse.

    Since Mars is a planet that encourages war games and competition and bursts of hard physical activity, there may be many Quidditch players born under these aspects. A Gryffindor Aries is an open book; a truth potion would never be needed on one, because they are hopelessly honest and open. These wizards will display uncanny charisma and leadership ability, and will be among the most popular within their class.

    It kind of speaks for itself, really. I really loved the fact that it mentioned how they would likely be Quidditch players. D That was amusing. Nobody mentioned anything about Voldemort who was born on December 31 being Capricorn, like Snape. As you can see, everything said about Snape could also be said about him: They might not be sexy traits, but they're very handy hahaha.

    Also, there are a lot of factors in a horoscope, not only Sun Deep self , Moon affective and Ascendant interaction with the world , but also Mercury intelligence , Venus love , Mars decission , Jupiter social , Saturn will , Uranus originality , Neptune spirituality and Pluto self-superation. There is also the relation between planets conjunction, opposition, etc.

    Neville takes care of the snake. Harry takes an AK on the head and an accidental Horcrux is destroyed. Mr Weasley is a definite Aquarian to me. He's unconventional, inventive, tolerant, cause-oriented, playul, friendly, caring, open-minded, a little eccentric. He'd rather do the job that he loves, than compromise his principles and make more money. I clapped my hands with delight when I found out my dear Arthur was a Aquarius!!

    He's the typical Aquarius really, always eager to please, doesn't see the point of doing things they don't enjoy, and he's a bit dippy and dreamy. JK hasn't mentioned Luna's birthdate, but apparently it's sometime in February, which could possibly match as being a Aquarius, too. Can't you see her as a dreamy Aquarius? Because I sure can. Why do you think it is February?