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Quite simple, if Venus rises before the Sun, she is a morning star, and if she sets after the Sun she is an evening star.

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In many ancient cultures the Morning and Evening stars of Venus were even given different names and even seen as two quite separate embodiments. In the ancient Mayan culture the warring twin brothers — Quetzalcoatl, the morning star and — Xolotl, the darker personification, was the evening star, both 2 seperate apparitions of Venus.

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As the table above suggests finding out what type of Venus you have by phase, can be like all astrology, further enlightening. Adding the rest comes from knowing one cycle well, as mentioned above. The easiest way to work out a phase in a cycle is by counting the days after a Venus Star Point is made. You will see by the table below, how many days are between each phase and this varies slightly over each cycle, and especially for the morning or evening rise of Venus, which can depend on latitude and time and place of evening of appearance.

Use the image above , to keep track of the keypoints in the coming cycle:. There has been some debate in our community over the years as to where the cycle of Venus actually begins. The sky watcher shamanic astrologers would say that the cycle begins with the heliacal rising of Venus as she rises as the morning star in the east. Traditionalist astrologers would say, that the cycle begins with Venus rising as an evening star in the west.

The reasoning for the latter is that Venus at this part of her cycle is low in the sky, dim, is ascending and from here gains in light, as she also appears like the Moon does when new, in the western evening sky! There a a few things to consider here, with both of the above viewpoints. Yet with the shamanic viewpoint and the visual sky gaining importance in our astrology circles this is indeed a practice that I see as important to be followed and even encouraged as it teaches us so much more about the living sky.

Yet it is much easier and direct to work out phases and co-ordinate timing by using the exact Star Point. The Moon orbits the Earth and Venus orbits the Sun. I like the idea that one phase ends as another begins, giving more flow to the never ending divine circle of life. It will be most significant for those with planets, points, or angles, close, or square to these degrees. Now Venus takes her place opposite Uranus and squares the nodes, begining her next journey as morning star to her rise, station direct and greatest brilliancy with the nodal square aspect in play!

A pivotal time for all with or without direct chart contact, as the nodal axis shows great shifts in direction, opposite Uranus we are all heading for change in particular areas of life. Where may we need to either dive deeper or try and disentangle as we may have already gone in too deep? There is an intense preciousness about this time, to hold on , or let go? To love or risk the potential to lose forever! After max elongation as morning star, she has the long journey of moving on, moving on with the mission, whatever it may be, as a trine to the nodes confirms where you are headed.

What happened there 4 years back from August — back in August that gives you some information of what developed at this time? Heading to the outer conjunction can quite often be an extremely overwhelming time. A planet moving at their fastest, especially with Venus and Mercury, can be just as, or more confronting than the retrograde, so be prepared. Look at that now already, as the retrograde in Scorpio culminates, for as we claim our wings in the depths of Scorpio, we are going to want to fly!

This outer conjunction point is conjunct Mars and quincunx Pluto, just to give us all some extra drive to push through. In Scorpio Venus wants us to dive deep, in Leo Venus wants to shine with potency and creation and in Gemini to circulate and navigate further missions.

The magic is in your hands. To use this cycle, by reflecting on the past, we activate each phase with purpose and growth and mostly by looking ahead. We know there is nothing like astrology to connect us to the past, present and future, and there is nothing like the Venus star and the Venus cycle, the grand pentagon and the magic pentacle to keep our astrology truly alive and activated.

Take the time during this retrograde to do some work with the Venus Star and the Venus cycle, see how she tells your ongoing story of life, love and loss. See how at every keypoint she synthesises and brings together the essence of the 5 months before and the 5 months after each star point is made. Get into the rhythm, see the patterns and by all means create some new ones. The transits we witnessed in our time occurred in Gemini in and , and had much to do with putting the Venus Star back into our astrology!

We share a vision of the world soul, raising consciousness to the Anima Mundi, the universal energies and archetypal patterns that can be observed in the ceaseless cyclic movements of the cosmos.

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For millennia, humans have engaged with the cosmic sphere to seek meaning, guidance and inspiration. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news, specials, discounts, events and general updates from our team. The current Venus Star Venus in all her movements and when keyed into her ongoing star points is most interesting to follow as she has macro and micro cycles, also well known to reflect the cosmic relationship of the Phi ratios and the fibonacci sequence, reflecting to us natural cycles of growth, unfolding, personal and collective evolution as well as beauty, aesthetics and the spirals of creation in our universe.

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The various combinations are too much to go into here, but we group the essence of a Venus phase from a few key points in any given Venus apparition as she is seen as a: Morning Star or Evening Star Oriental rising in the east, before Sun or Occidental setting in the west after Sun Waxing or Waning Ascending or Descending Bright or Dim High or Low Fast or Slow slow at retrograde- fast at outer conjunction Stable or Unstable stable near max elongation points Visible or Invisible In the Underworld or in the Upperworld if there is an underworld, there must be an upper world?

Earthy or Heavenly a fter max elongations and moving toward the outer conjunction,I see Venus as heavenly Aphrodite Pandemos Earthy or Aphrodite Urania Heavenly Already we get a sense of what this may add to our particular type of Venus. Use the image above , to keep track of the keypoints in the coming cycle: There has been some debate in our community over the years as to where the cycle of Venus actually begins.

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The magic is in your hands To use this cycle, by reflecting on the past, we activate each phase with purpose and growth and mostly by looking ahead. May the magic be revealed in your exploration! In every chart I always see five extra points! Notes and references. With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially spooky and profound episode in your life at this time. Whatever you sacrifice should be something that hurts a bit to give. This could mean embracing the criticism of your ideas and your works, or acknowledging the limits of your ideas and working them back up from the ground again, or going back to school or taking courses to build up an area of deficiency.

With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially profound and humbling area of your life in this time.

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This can be a time of great advancement but also perilous at such a great height. You may find yourself in morally compromised situations involving coercion and manipulation.

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There may be great fear and trepidation in dealing with bosses and authorities. With Pluto in the mix, this may be an especially precarious and profound area of your life in this time. Maybe you have to sacrifice a short-term advancement or gains for the sake of long term goals, in weighing what you really want to do with your life.

This may mean you have to give up having certain people as friends or colleagues, either because they are no longer of real use or benefit to you, or because you have to stand up for a less popular colleague for an important reason which causes you disfavor with others. You may have to choose who your real friends are, who your real allies are.

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You may have to give up awards and accolades which are not due to you and give credit where you know it is properly deserved. With Pluto in the mix, there is something especially trying and profound in this area of your life in this time. Maybe you could sacrifice the spotlight and give a boost to those you consider deserving and are little known, try using your own power and platform to raise up others.

You may find yourself in quiet, isolated places, by your own volition or not. Never to say what they did was okay, but to not bother yourself anymore with them. Insulate yourself from these less pleasant characters in your existence. This may be as simple as walking away from an argument on social media, letting someone get the last word in, pulling off the road and counting to Maybe you can sacrifice the addictive burden of holding a grudge.

While you roll your eyes, let me explain what I mean. Surviving life is one thing, but living life is quite another. Spoiler alert: no one survives this place. No one gets out of here alive. Death will come to us all someday.

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However, as much as death is inevitable, so is the life that precedes it. So to some degree, to whatever extent is possible, you still have to carry on with your life despite the horror show. There will still be jokes to laugh at and problems to solve, beauty to witness and create, things to fight for and believe in, joys and victories to be won, new discoveries to be made and new dreams to be had. You have to because these are as inevitable as the things we fear and dread.

They never completely go away, but life goes on in all its ugliness and splendor. Fear can be reasonable, but it can never be a sole guiding principle. Best of luck. This is excellent work, Patrick. Many thanks! I hope it will attract clientele for you, to whom you can offer real help. Leo rising and working on 6th house issues — diet and exercise, finding work, giving up cigs.

Starting now. Not waiting for January. Actually looking forward to it. The limitations and dark side of our belief systems.